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Hiking Preparation:

Preventing Dehydration on Long Distance Hikes
Trek Training Guide
Strength Exercises Every Walker Should Be Doing  (Video)

Restrooms Throughout New York City:

Interactive Restroom Map


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Bear Mountain
Great Manhattan Bridge Walk:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Rockefeller Preserve

Interactive Maps:                                                                   

Astoria Shoreline Walk
Battery Park to Bear Mountain (PDF)
Bay Ridge and Sunset Park, Brooklyn
The Great Manhattan Bridge Walk
The Great Saunter: A 32 Mile Walk Around Manhattan's Shoreline
Harlem Valley Recreation Area
Harlem River Valley Map (PDF)
Narrows to Coney Island
NYC Marathon Walk
Queens Waterfront
Street Art in Manhattan
Walk Off the Turkey(WOTT Walk)

Battery Park to Bear Mountain:


Crack is Wack: Graffiti in New York:


Great Manhattan Bridge Walk:


Jersey/Hudson River Saunter:





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Walking Manhattan's Rim, The Great Saunter book
Walking the Hudson: From the Battery to Bear Mountain (second edition)  is available from Click the link below to purchase this book from Amazon

Walking the Hudson
An entertaining, informative guide/revery about a new 56-mile path from the Battery to Bear Mountain. The first and finest guide to this Hudson shore path. 152 Pages, Indexed. Illustrated. Maps. Introduction by Pete Seeger.

Walking By Waters, by Cy A Ader
A collection of mostly urban, waterfront, color photos taken from 1984 to 2010, mainly of shore areas most New Yorkers know nothing about. These extraordinary photos were snapped mainly by Cy Adler, founder of Shorewalkers, Inc.

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