45th Great Manhattan Bridge Walk [34 miles]

The main group will walk over every pedestrian-friendly bridge around the perimeter of Manhattan Island (~31 miles). A ~10% faster group will do the same around the perimeter of Manhattan Borough (~34 miles). Starting at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station, we will proceed clockwise around Manhattan and end with the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan. There will be one ride on the Roosevelt Island Tramway for the longer route. Bring or buy lunch. There will be a few short breaks. Feel free to eat during the breaks or while walking. *NOTE: There is no slow group. Both groups will try to finish in 12-13 hours. If the number of people is small, we will try to stick together as one group.

Start: 8:15 AM – George Washington Bridge Bus Station Second Floor (Seats/Bathroom)

End: ~ 9:00 PM – Lower Manhattan side of Brooklyn Bridge 
Main Leader: Jack Shi (646-363-6378) thejackshi [at] gmail.com

Last Walkhttp://www.dawnofnight.com/2017-06-03---shorewalkers-43rd-great-manhattan-bridge-walk.html


Great Manhattan Bridge Interactive Map


We will not walk over George Washington Bridge together. I recommend doing it before starting with us if you want to do so. This is so we do not have to complete an out and back as a group. Listed are the 22 times we cross a waterway on the longer route and the two underlined main rest stops. The 18 true perimeter bridges are in bold. The other route is very similar.

  1. George Washington Bridge [1] *****Do on your own*****
  2. Henry Hudson Bridge [2]
  3. Broadway Bridge
  4. University Heights Bridge [3]
  5. Washington Bridge [4]
  6. High Bridge [5]
  7. Macombs Dam Bridge [6]
  8. 145th St Bridge [7]
  9. Madison Ave Bridge [8]
  10. Third Ave Bridge [9]
  11. Rest Stop: McDonald's / Bagel Shop
  12. Willis Ave Bridge [10]
  13. Robert F Kennedy Bridge (Manhattan to Randall's Island)
  14. Robert F Kennedy Bridge [11] (Randall's Island to Bronx)
  15. Randall's Island Connector [12]
  16. Robert F Kennedy Bridge [13] (Randall's Island to Queens)
  17. Roosevelt Island Bridge [14]
  18. Roosevelt Island Tramway
  19. Rest Stop: Bed Bath & Beyond
  20. Queensboro Bridge [15]
  21. Pulaski Bridge
  22. Williamsburg Bridge [16]
  23. Manhattan Bridge [17]
  24. Brooklyn Bridge [18]
Event date: 3- 3-2018 8:15 AM
Members Free
Hikeleader Jack Shi
Phone 646-363-6378
Email thejackshi [at] gmail.com
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