MANHATTAN WATER-BOUND– 308 pg, second edition. Syracuse Univ. Press.

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 Shorewalker Ann Buttenwieser’s fascinating account of New York Island’s waterfront from the 17th century to the present is a comprehensive and well-written account of the many changes that have taken place since the Dutch West Indies Company first built piers on the East River. Ann examines how events like the container revolution, the collapse of the Westway project and the recent rise in environmental consciousness has changed NYC’s waterfront. Interesting and little-known facets of New York’s history, like Bellevue hospital’s floating sun deck, are brought to life with detailed photographs and descriptions. In fact, Ann has recently been involved in bringing another floating swimming pool to New York, see The book is available from Syracuse University Press.

Ms. Buttenwieser’s engrossing history complements Cy A Adler’s WALKING MANHATTAN’S RIM: THE GREAT SAUNTER, which is available to Shorewalkers for only $10. Visit for details