Great Saunter 2016 Dates to Keep in Mind (2)

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APRIL 14TH - ONLINE DEADLINE: last day for registering online in time for the Great Saunter Mailing on or about April 14th.  (If you miss this day you can bring your Confirmation email on May 7th - and pick up your Great Saunter materials then.)
MARCH 28TH - MAILED IN REGISTRATION DEADLINE: last day for Shorewalkers to receive registration by mail for Memberships or the Great Saunter in order to be entered for the Great Saunter. After March 28th you must register for the Great Saunter in person.  Payment in person will be for the Great Saunter only. All paperwork received after  March 20th will not be processed until after May 7th.

For more information on Great Saunter Registration and F.A.Q. click here!