Members Survey Results

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                                                              by Steven Miller

We recently distributed a six question "2017 Shorewalkers Membership Survey" to determine how our events can best be tailored to your interests. One hundred thirty-two people responded.

The findings are as follows:

  1. You enjoy all our events, especially on Saturdays, both in the five boroughs of New York City and in the surrounding areas. 
  2. There is the greatest interest in more trail walks.  We will try to accommodate this in all the areas where we hold events.
  3. You commented that upcoming events be more publicized. We are introducing a new web site with a launch date projected for November 2017 and are increasing our social media presence.
  4. You would like our events to start at the time scheduled.
  5. You would like a “sweep" to keep our events moving at a lively pace.

Again, thanks to those who took the time to express themselves and happy trails to all!! See you soon.