Shorewalkers' 2015 Great Saunter

Shorewalkers’ 2015 Great Saunter 

See below for this year’s Great Saunter, May 2, 2015.   Please join us …see the “Little Red Lighthouse”, under the George Washington Bridge and spectacular views of the Hudson and East Rivers, Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and more!


It is with sorrow that we announce the passing of Michael Pollack on Aug. 27, 2014.  Mike was a long time hike leader and volunteer for Shorewalkers.  In addition to leading memorable hikes in which he imparted interesting and little known facts
Mike Pollackabout New York neighborhoods, he helped us here on the website posting many of the hikes.


Mike will be missed.


The Board of Directors

Great Saunter 2014

A letter from Fred Hartman.

Pictures that Fred took of the Great Saunter 2014 may be viewed under event photos under the community button on the tool bar.

I always feel compelled to tell you how much I enjoy the Great Saunter, having now completed eight of them.  You have brought so much joy to my life because of what you have accomplished.  It is always the #1 greatest day of my life every year, and am already counting the weeks until May 2, 2015.

Just think all you have accomplished with this event, with 1,187 entries this year, which I presume is a new record.  My first was in 1997, and am currently reading your excellent book about walking Manhattan's rim, which brings back memories of some of the interesting logistics of the walk back then.  I am currently halfway through the book, and already dreading that it will be coming to an end shortly, as I have enjoyed it so much.  I am so pleased that I saw you twice on this year's Saunter, up near Inwood Park, and at Fraunces Tavern when it was all over.  Every time I do the walk, and I know there are only 3-4 hours until the end, I start having sad feelings that it is almost over and must wait 365 days until the next one.  I always meet nice people on the walk, and this year joined up with about five others  after Inwood Park, to finish up with them.  It looks like we are all going to stick together for next year, having exchanged e-mail addresses.

I probably never have told you what I do for a living, but I present travelogue lectures in schools and retirement communities from my world travels.  While my photos are being projected onto a screen with an LCD projector, I am giving a "live" narration, and have 30 topics from China to Europe.  My longest program is the one on NYC, running 70 minutes of solid informative narration.  The Great Saunter is included in this presentation as a grand finale.

When you started the Great Saunter, you probably had no idea that one day there would be nearly 1,200 entries, and it looks like this will continue to increase every year.   Thousands of people have benefited from your efforts, not only the personal achievement to do 32 miles, but the social aspect, as well as the funding provided for worthwhile projects.  For me, I tend to think of the Great Saunter as my annual "check-up", feeling that if 32 miles is still an easy walk for me that I am still "with it".  Thanks for bringing something so wonderful to so many lives.  

Fred Hartman    Kansas City, MO

Want to be More Creative? Take a Walk

Reprinted from the New York Times Apil 30, 2014

                                   Gretchen Reynolds

If you are unable to think of a catchy, creative way to present sales data or begin a newspaper column, take a walk. A brief stroll, even around your office, can significantly increase creativity, according to a handy new study.

Read more: Want to be More Creative? Take a Walk

The Great Saunter of 2014

Under clear skies and a cool early morning 1,187 saunteres started their circumnavigation around the island of Manhattan.  Passing through 21 parks, miles of greenways and city streets, all  with flowers and trees in full bloom, 542 saunterers completed the full 32 miles.  Whether done in stages or all at once, the smiling faces at Fraunces Tavern, the beginning and end of The Great Saunter, showed the personal sense of satisfaction that comes with the goal of completing one of the great physical challenges New York has to offer--The Great Saunter--the longest urban walk in the United States.

Great Saunter 2015 Dates to Keep in Mind

APRIL 14TH - ONLINE DEADLINE: last day for registering online in time for the Great Saunter Mailing on April 17th.  (If you miss this day you can bring your Confirmation email on May 3rd - and pick up your Great Saunter materials then.)
MARCH 20TH - MAILED IN REGISTRATION DEADLINE: last day for Shorewalkers to receive registration by mail for Memberships or the Great Saunter in order to be entered for the Great Saunter. After March 20th you must register for the Great Saunter in person.  Payment in person will be for the Great Saunter only. All paperwork received after  March 20th will not be processed until after May 3rd.

For more information on Great Saunter Registration and F.A.Q. click here!

Great Saunter Registration F.A.Q.

By registering in advance, you will receive your Great Saunter materials in the mail and you will be good to go on May 2nd!


**PLEASE NOTE RE EXTRA FAMILY MEMBERS:  We have membership options for extra family members at $10 per member.Your Family Membership is good for 2 family members. If you would like to add more you can choose the Family Membership for 3 or 4.

QUESTION: Will I be able to renew my membership at the Great Saunter on May 2nd?

ANSWER: You will be able to purchase tickets to the Saunter on Saturday May 2nd: Individual - $20, Family (for 2) - $30, plus $10 for each extra family member that is walking with you, but note that on the day of registration you will not be eligible for a renewal or purchase of a Shorewalkers annual membership.

QUESTION: How do I add the names of other family members to my profile?

ANSWER: You do not need to add extra names, addresses or emails to your profile. Your family membership for 2,3 or 4 will have one address and one email and Great Saunter materials will be mailed to the address in the profile for all registered family members.

QUESTION: When will the Great Saunter 2015 mailing materials arrive?

ANSWER: The Great Saunter 2015 mailing will take place in April. The date will be announced once it is finalized.

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Pete Seegar: A Shorewalker Along Many Rivers

By Cy A Adler

Pete was a great shorewalker and a friend. He told me about his long mileage walking experience as a teenager. We started walking, talking, and writing to each other in the 1960's.We walked the Hudson together.  When he joined the Shorewalkers as a Life Member he donated over $500. He loved to walk.
Pete wrote  “ I love the title Batt to Bear For folks who like walking from here to there...” as part of the introduction to my book Walking the Hudson From Batt To Bear. He wrote the introduction to Walking Manhattan’s Rim-The Great Saunter.  We will miss him.


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