As New York Reclaims its Waterfront, Problems loom under the surface

              An op ed article by Ronald Lewis of the Waterfront Alliance as it appeared in Crain's NY Buisness


Conflict at the waterfront: It's an age-old state of affairs, with modern real estate wars replacing yesterday's military skirmishes and labor-management clashes. Do tall buildings belong in Brooklyn Bridge Park and at the South Street Seaport? Do we need a new performance space in Hudson River Park?

Whichever side you take on these issues, you're missing the real fight: Man versus Nature.

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A Great Saunter Day

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer presented Shorewalker President Cy Adler with a beautiful proclamation to commemorate the GREAT SAUNTER AROUND MANHATTAN’S RIM, the 32nd circumambulation of New York Island by the Shorewalkers.  ‘Manhattan’s grim waterfront was a lot rougher 32 years ago when a handful of us first scouted it,’ said Adler.  ‘It’s much nicer now, but several reaches along the Harlem and East Rivers still need serious changes.’ Borough President  Brewer agreed with him.

The distance walked by about 1400 healthy souls was about 32 miles.  A few hundred more started, but did not go the entire route which started and ended at Fraunces Tavern.

The unusually chilly, grey weather was just fine for most walkers as were the beautiful cherry blossoms and flowers along the way. Shorewalkers have sauntered rain or shine on the First Saturday in May when temperature may range from a low of 55 degrees to as high 94 degrees.

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What Hiking Does To The Brain Is Pretty Amazing

From Apr 11, 2016 By Michael W. Pirrone

The great outdoors might just be greater than you think. There are plenty of us who love to spend as many hours of the day outdoors as we can, and hiking is obviously quite healthy for the body, but few of us ever give a lot of thought to how hiking could benefit our mental health as well. It turns out that hiking might just be your ticket to a brand-new brain, whether you’re passionate about the outdoors, or just force yourself to take a stroll around your local park.

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Calories Burned Calculator

Often wonder how many calories you burn when walking your daily goal of 10,000 steps each day.  We came across this calculator to determine the number of calories burned during our daily walks. Just put in the duration of your walk with the average walking speed of about 2 1/2 miles per hour and you get the calories you burned:

 Calories Burned Calculator.

Halloween Hike Across Manhattan's Bridges

by Walt Wright, hike leader

Thanks to all of you who turned out on Halloween last October to make another memorable Great Manhattan Bridge Walk.  We couldn't have had better weather or a more friendly group of walkers. Thirty-two of us participated: 30 signed in at the start and 2 joined us at the High Bridge.  Most of the early 30 group got started by 8:45 AM.  Even the late arrivals were not very late and got started a few minutes after 9 AM.

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The Walk of Life

                                                                 by Neil Offen

Early on a chilly Saturday morning that would turn blisteringly hot, we set forth, we brave few, on a trek that would challenge us like nothing before, that would test our mettle like our mettle had never been tested and help us find out what mettle actually was and why it was spelled that way.

It would also show exactly how dumb but stubborn we really were.

At 7:30 precisely, we began The Great Saunter, the 32-mile circumnavigation of the island of Manhattan. Why did we do it? Well, of course — because it was there.

For nearly a year, my daughter and I had been training for this. Or more precisely, had been talking about training for this. Now this was at hand. Or more precisely, at foot.The author with his daughter Nora

We had convinced my friend Mitch to do this with us, since we felt we needed someone responsible to call for the ambulance. Also, we needed someone who had done even less training than we had.

We headed off to New York’s Battery, the southernmost part of the island. The Statue of Liberty was there, off in the harbor, waving supportively at us, instinctively knowing that we already were her tired and huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. Wait till she sees us at the end.

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The Great Saunter 2015

                                           by  Jack Shi, hike leader    

On Thursday night I was cycling back after rock climbing in Brooklyn. As I slowed down and took a sip of water, I hit a pothole I didn’t see and the next thing I knew, I was midair on my way to the ground. I had fallen on my right side. I walked my bike to the WTC PATH station and took the train home. I worked from home on Friday and had checked it out at the medical clinic. I had abrasions in multiple areas throughout my body, hyperextended my neck, and a piece of my wrist bone had chipped off.

Saturday was the Great Saunter, the epic 32-mile walk around the island of Manhattan in a day. I had every reason not to go, but I had to. I did not finish last year due to inadequate gear and am leaving in 3 weeks to go cycle across the country. I needed to try to do as much as I can in New York before I go. This was on that list. I also really believed that if I could not finish this, I would not be able to do the 50 miles of walking in a day in 2 weeks as part of the Freewalkers Big Walk. Strong motivation that, my dreams.

My dad came with me and after waiting in line to get our packet, we were off!

 To read more of this article and view pictures by Jack Shi please go to the following link:

Old Croton Aqueduct: Hike Report

           by Jack Shi,  hike leader

Thank you for coming on one or more of my walks! I had a blast leading all of you and hope to do it again!

Last Sunday, after we explored the inside of the Old Croton Aqueduct, I handed three $1000 checks from my company, Royal Bank of Canada, to Mavis Cain, the president of the Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct. They will be using this money to further the restoration of the Keeper's House and Museum. Some of you also helped me pick up many bags of trash along the way so thank you. But most of all, I deeply appreciate all your fine company and kind words. A person I walked with on one of my first long walks texted me yesterday saying her friend was raving about a Shorewalker leader and it turned out to be me!

I have finished posting about the latest series of three walks on my blog. You can find the links to all of them here:

My Trip

As some of you know, I recently resigned from my job to cycle across the country. I leave for Bar Harbor by Acadia National Park on Friday May 22nd, stopping overnight in Boston. I rented a vacation house there for a week with plenty of beds. Please let me know if you are interested in joining me there to hike, bike, rock climb, and sea kayak! Feel free to bring friends/family. I depart from there on Thursday May 28 to start the almost 70 day, 4300 mile bike ride to Seattle, Washington with BikeTheUSForMS. We will pass through 15 states and average 70 miles per day. After the ride, I'm spending 12 days exploring Seattle, Vancouver, and the three National Parks there for the first time. 

We are raising money to research and treat Multiple Sclerosis and I need to raise $1 for every mile I'm riding. My best friend's mother has MS and I'm doing this in her name. Please help!

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