How To Register For The Great Saunter and F.A.Q.

By registering in advance, you will receive your Great Saunter materials in the mail and you will be good to go on May 7th!

How to Register for the Great Saunter

1. Log in to your Shorewalkers profile.

2. Go to your membership tab and you will have a membership option checked, i.e., Individual Membership, Family Membership for 2, Non-Member Registration which indicates your membership status with expiration date. Your membership must not expire prior to or on May 6, 2016 in order to register for the Great Saunter. 

3. You will have a selection available for The Great Saunter 2016 under Membership Options that corresponds to your active membership, such as Great Saunter 2016 for Family of 2 (if you have an active Family Membership for 2 that does not expire before or on May 7, 2016). If you need to renew you may do so and register for the Great Saunter at the same time. You will receive a confirmation email, and you will see the checked selection for your Great Saunter registration in your profile.

4. Check the box for The Great Saunter 2016 that pertains to your membership then scroll down and click on Upgrade/Donate/Buy button

5. You will receive an email following your registration and your name will be added to the Great Saunter List for Registrants and you will see a green check mark next to the Great Saunter Registration description. 

6.After the date set for the mailing, you will need to bring your PayPal receipt as proof of membership or your Great Saunter confirmation email to receive your GS materials at the event.

We look forward to seeing you on May 7th!
APRIL 14TH - ONLINE DEADLINE: last day for registering online in time for the Great Saunter Mailing on April 17th. (If you miss this day you can bring your Confirmation email on May 2nd - and pick up your Great Saunter materials then.)
MARCH 28TH - MAILED IN REGISTRATION DEADLINE: last day for Shorewalkers to receive registration by mail for Memberships in order to be entered for the Great Saunter. After March 20th you must register for the Great Saunter in person.  Payment in person will be for the Great Saunter only. All paperwork received after  March 20th will not be processed until after May 2nd.


QUESTION: Will I be able to renew my membership at the Great Saunter?

ANSWER: Ticket to The Great Saunter purchased by cash will not include Shorewalkers membership or renewal.  Tickets purchased online will include membership and/or renewals in Shorewalkers

QUESTION: How do I add the names of other family members to my profile?

ANSWER: You do not need to add extra names, addresses or emails to your profile. Your family membership for 2,3 or 4 will have one address and one email and Great Saunter materials will be mailed to the address in the profile for all registered family members.

QUESTION: When will the Great Saunter mailing materials arrive?

ANSWER: The Great Saunter  mailing will take place in mid April. The date will be announced once it is finalized.

QUESTION: Can I pay by credit card or must I use PayPal?

ANSWER: You can pay by credit card by choosing the second option: Not a PayPal Member - Pay as a guest option.

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